White Papers

The Apparel Logistics Group (TALG) uses its white papers to introduce those in the apparel supply chain community to gain insight into new ideas on familiar concepts.  Additionally, for folks new to the supply chain community these papers will introduce them to cost savings opportunities, break-through ideas and best practices in the industry so they can apply them to their operations as they see fit.  We welcome your thoughts and comments as we can all learn from each other.

The North Texas Advantage - Do the math: Why North Texas is the Ideal Spot for Apparel / Footwear / Accessories Product Distribution (Download PDF): Download an independently researched white paper by students at the University of North Texas that illustrates the geographic benefits and costs savings that can be achieved by utilizing a third-party logistics provider located within a foreign trade zone in the North Texas/ Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Key Factors of Customer Engagement
(Download PDF): We must first understand improving the customer experience can transform into a customer loyalty and encourage longer lasting relationships. At TAG we have loyal dedicated customers that have been with us for over 40 years and still maintain a trustee and healthy relationship with us. We establish our reputation through service, value and innovation.

The Truth About Warehouse Management Software (Download PDF): This paper will present some considerations as to whether the investment into a warehouse management system is right for your company.  It will present the pros and cons of such systems and their applicability in multiple situations.


Bursting the Inventory Bubble (Download PDF): This paper will outline different concepts of inventory control so the reader can determine which approach is right for their use and application.


Operational Excellence Inventory Management (Download PDF): This paper will share with the reader what operational excellence is and the benefits of being excellent in all aspects of operations.


The Five Biggest Marketing Mistakes (Download PDF): This paper reveals the five common mistakes companies tend to repeatedly make when they launch and promote new and existing products, solutions or services. 


Operations Excellence in Apparel Logistics (Download Powerpoint): This presentation looks at what operational excellence is and the benefits of being excellent in all aspects of apparel logistics operations.