Advantages of Outsourcing Information Technology for Your Apparel Company

Information technology services are necessary for nearly every business today, but not all apparel companies rely on IT as a primary part of their business. If IT is a secondary need for your company, you can save time, money, and resources by turning to an apparel third-party logistics (3PL) provider rather than maintaining your own in-house IT department.

Top Technology for Streamlined Services

Technology evolves so quickly that it can be nearly outdated by the time a company manages to upgrade, install, and train its employees on a new system. If you're relying on an in-house IT department, you'll constantly battle the question of how long your systems will remain competitive and how soon you can afford to upgrade. Outsourcing your IT to the right apparel 3PL provider will give you constant access to the best available technology and a well-trained staff, with no additional investment for adopting the latest programs.

3PL companies also have access to a larger resource network. This allows you to cash in on volume discounts, access a broader base of trained IT specialists, and keep up with changing trends.

A Dedicated Staff You Can Afford

Hiring new employees is an expensive prospect. Each new hire requires costly training, a competitive salary, office space, technical equipment, and a benefits package. Though you know that a larger IT staff will help you better meet customer needs, hiring new people isn't always a viable option. Staffing an in-house IT department can be a drain on your operating budget.

When you outsource your IT needs, you can quickly trim your employee expenses. Replace the complex costs of maintaining your own staff with a simple, streamlined investment in a contract with a 3PL company. The issues of HR, training, and employee management will disappear while you enjoy all the benefits of a trained IT staff at your disposal.

More Resources to Focus on Core Elements

When you reduce the cost of information technology in the equation, you have more resources available for other aspects of your business. If your company isn't focused exclusively on IT, then there's no reason to dedicate an overwhelming chunk of your time, energy, and funds to this department. Outsourcing frees you to focus on the things that matter more, such as product development, marketing, and customer relations. Don't devote a primary piece of your money and time to a secondary aspect of your apparel company.

Flexibility and Scalability on a Manageable Budget

Scaling your IT team and resources is as simple as making a phone call when you're outsourcing them. Many providers will even let you scale up or down seasonally so that you can manage your increased volume around the holidays but don't have to pay for services you're not using during a slowdown or slump. 3PL companies make it easy to customize your IT solutions to suit your business's changing needs.

Before you begin building your IT staff, step back and consider whether an in-house team is necessary. Outsourcing your IT needs to a 3PL provider like The Apparel Logistics Group can provide a suite of solutions that's affordable, flexible, and easy to manage. A free consultation with our 3PL experts will help you determine whether this approach is right for your apparel company.

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