Is Transparency an Important Practice in the 3PL Industry?

When choosing a 3PL supplier, it’s important to know that you can trust them, which not only requires communication, but completely honest communication. Transparency benefits both suppliers and clients, as a lot of confusion and misunderstandings can be avoided when transparency is practiced. Here are a few benefits of transparency in the 3PL industry.

Everything is Tracked

The implementation of technological advancements has greatly facilitated transparency in the 3PL industry.  Smartphones now have access to 3PL applications that allow clients to see what comes in, what goes out, final inventory balance, and real time updates of products being tracked. Clients know where their inventory is at all times.

Goals are Aligned

Another benefit of total transparency is that it provides a visible demonstration that 3PL companies have their goals aligned with their clients. This willingness to share ingoing, outgoing, and real time tracking information shows that a 3PL provider’s goal is to get the right product to the right place, safely and soundly and right on time. As a client you can rest easy knowing that your shipments are in the hands of a reliable 3PL.

Find Ways to Improve                                                   

As long as clients and 3PL providers are working together, it is important to find ways to help each other work together more efficiently. When goals are aligned, it is easier to anticipate what will improve speed, profitability, and effectiveness. Continual improvement allows 3PL providers to work at optimum functionality.

The Apparel Logistics Group proudly practices transparency in all aspects of third party logistics. Visit our homepage to find out more about our services! 

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