Best Green Practices in the 3PL Industry

Going green is an important part of today's business world. Going green is no longer just an extra item to put on your check list but is an excellent way to give back, a terrific marketing initiative, and a way to build relationships with like minded people and potentially build new clientele.

 The Apparel Logistics Group, experts in the 3PL industry, make green initiatives their priority and here are a few green techniques that are important for every 3PL company.


In the modern era, 3PL companies require technological support to finish their tasks effectively.  However, many aspects of modern technology can lead to some negative environmental effects.

That is why it is important for every 3PL company to integrate environmental controls into their technological processes.  By simply tracking emissions, a 3PL company can begin to lessen their carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the industry.

Setting Goals

Every company needs to have goals in place in order to be successful.  When it comes to going green, the rules are no different.  Having goals in place for green initiatives will improve success and fortitude for important green processes.

Setting goals for emissions, processes, and green practices overall helps 3PL companies to be greener and make more environmentally sound choices.  Each goal should be made up of many small attainable goals to make the entire process more manageable.


Even when you have adequate tracking and firm goals, it can be difficult to keep up with green practices.  But compliance is absolutely necessary for running a green 3PL.  The best green 3PL companies consistently comply with federal regulations and their own goals.

 By making compliance a priority, The Apparel Logistics Group remains a forerunner for green practices among 3PLs. 

Making Green Business a Priority

The 3PL you choose can make a huge difference for your company.  And choosing a 3PL with green initiatives can truly help you to rest easier while making a more positive impact on the environment.

Call the Apparel Logistics Group today and see what their green processes can do for your company.   

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