3PL Going Cellular: Updates and Information in the Palm of your Hand


Third-party logistics has evolved with new technology in order to streamline the process of outgoing and incoming shipments.  Today there are multiple app options found on your smartphone to get the information you need at the touch of a button.

Here are three examples of different mobile apps that can update you about your shipments.


Ever want to know exactly where your shipment is without having to call someone about it every day? That’s exactly how this mobile app can help you. Not only does it give you real time visibility as to where your freight shipment is, it allows you to scan barcodes for easier use. Other unique benefits of the Cerasis app include:

·         Rating your shipments.

·         Viewing your last 7 days information at a glance.

Load Finder

Load Delivered has long been a trusted source for 3PL, and now their smartphone app has made them even more efficient. In addition to the load tracking ability, Load Finder includes the ability to:

·         Filter loads from your current location or a desired location.

·         Create a “favorites” list to make searching for repeat lanes easy.

TQS™ vServe

Those with existing vServe accounts will find their app useful when searching for shipments as well. Details such as delivery status and ordered item descriptions can be found by shipment number, purchase order number, or dealership order number. The app will also allow you to:

·         Verify items and send a discrepancy message for shipment verification.

·         Send email inquiries on outstanding orders.

·         Set alerts and receive push notifications.

With these mobile applications, clients can rest assured knowing that their delivery is exactly where it should be.

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