Third party logistics (3PL) are hard enough without the added stress of maintaining relationships. You have to ensure that your 3PL is accurately handling your business the way you prefer, not just offering out-of-a-can vending services.

To help you ensure that you’re getting the best possible service, we’d like to give you tips to help you forge the bonds you need to get the job done with your 3PL:

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Any 3PL service provider should have a set of best practices they abide by in order to offer the best service quality.

Does the 3PL you are using follow these rules? Check them out below and be sure to ask them if they do before you sign an agreement to work with them:

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Globally integrated production systems, seasonal peaks and rapid changeovers from one collection to another are just a few examples why intelligent and flexible logistics solutions are so important to the fashion industry. The rapidly changing nature of fashion is best personified by celebrity-driven trends. For example, when Martha Stewart was released from prison in 2005, she was photographed wearing a poncho that another inmate had knitted for her.

As a result of the media attention this event received, not only did Stewart generate $375,000 in sales when she featured the poncho on her TV show, but numerous apparel companies kicked their supply chains into high gear so they could capitalize on this new trend. Those types of celebrity fashion trends, as well as seasonal items like outerwear and bathing suits, are exactly why time is truly of the essence when it comes to fashion logistics. In order to stay relevant and profitable, apparel companies have to respond quickly to changes in consumer demand.

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