Beyond Ordinary Fashion Logistics: Two Keys to Boosting Value

Whatever your company needs in third party fashion logistics — from apparel distribution to merchandising to supply chain management to quality control — we can do it. But a long list of 3PL services isn't alone going to boost any company's value.

Here at The Apparel Logistics Group, there are several factors that make our extensive capabilities robust, ripe and ready to enhance yours. Here are two:

1. Scalability and Flexibility

3rd party apparel logistics services can't be one-size-fits-all. The sheer scale of services we offer is worthless for most companies if we didn't maintain the flexibility to customize and tailor available packages to our clients' specific needs.

In other words, you don't need to order the full menu from the pizzeria to leave full and satisfied — and you don't need to order every slice supersized.

We cater to apparel companies of all sizes, with all types of logistical needs. And we've pioneered solutions that meet the unique needs of each of them, whether accounting services or IT support or inventory control.

2. End-to-End Understanding, Inside and Out

As we mentioned last week, The Apparel Logistics Group was born from an apparel company. Apparel is in our DNA. So not only have we dealt with every aspect of the apparel supply chain as a logistics solutions provider, but we've experienced it as a garment design and manufacturing company as well.

As result, we've developed end-to-end understanding of each link in the apparel supply chain that is unmatched in the apparel logistics industry. The difference between a good apparel company and a great apparel company is the ability to both diagnose and attack deceptively small problems like:

  • Unexpected delays in getting to market
  • Subtle shifts in consumer demands
  • Legal changes in Foreign Trade Zone law
  • Hidden quality assurance hindrances
  • Common customs clearance issues
  • Inflated administration and overhead costs
  • Erosion of customer loyalty due to poor customer services

We've seen and addressed these problems from both sides, and we'll be eager to help your company do the same.

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