Modern consumers are demanding more from their e-tailers than ever before. Four out of five shoppers say they're more likely to purchase online when e-tailers offer free shipping . Customers also want free returns , as they feel this shows businesses believe in their products, according to Laura Morroll of LCP Consulting. Offering free shipping and free returns are excellent ways to boost customer satisfaction, but they come at a cost. You can offset these costs with more affordable packaging and shipping solutions.

Low Cost Packing Solutions

Corrugated cardboard boxes are fast earning a reputation as a low-cost, high-quality alternative to traditional cardboard boxes. The distinctive fluted finish ensures cardboard boxes maintain their shape and resists moisture, protecting the shipped items. As they're lightweight and easy to make, corrugated cardboard boxes are inexpensive to purchase and ship. They're also recyclable, so they are popular with the 84 percent of shoppers around the world who actively seek out businesses with environmentally and socially responsible products .

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Most companies employ third-party logistics providers, or 3PL providers, to solve short-term problems within their organizations. However, the working relationship between a business and a 3PL provider becomes even more beneficial when organizations look to the long-term.

Apparel 3PL Providers Offer a Variety of Services

Since most businesses use 3PL providers to solve a short-term problem , they typically start using just one or two services that 3PL providers offer.

However, Gary R. Allen, the former senior manager of information technology consulting firm Cap Gemini, told Leslie Hansen Harps of Inbound Logistics that a relationship between a 3PL provider and a business will grow over time , so long as the 3PL provider solves the initial problem well.

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Drop-shipping is a smart, streamlined way to handle order processing for online businesses. It offers organizational and financial benefits that make it easier to maintain a large inventory with minimal investment. Understanding drop-shipping's functionality will help you choose the best 3PL provider to manage this type of shipping for your company.

Understanding Drop-Shipping

Drop-shipping is the practice of moving goods directly from the manufacturer to the buyer. This bypasses the retailer, as products move directly from the warehouse to the purchaser. When a retailer utilizes drop-shipping, its primary responsibility is marketing the product and closing the sale. Once the customer decides to purchase the product, the retailer steps back and lets a 3PL provider take over the next steps.

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