The third-party logistics industry has experienced unprecedented growth over the last couple of decades. This growth means that businesses have more options when choosing 3PL companies that can deliver products on time and offer value-added services.

Before you select a 3PL to help your apparel business reach its goals, you should consider how these three features will affect the services you receive. They are some of the most important factors in determining a 3PL's success.

A Central Location

Something as simple as location can make a significant difference in the services you receive from a 3PL. Ideally, you should choose a company with a central location that makes it possible for it to deliver products to your warehouses, retail stores, and customers quickly. Location becomes even more important when you consider that 28 percent of online apparel purchases get returned to sellers.

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Fashion trends used to change at a snail's pace, influenced only by monthly magazines and annual fashion weeks. Today, however, Instagram influencers can spin the fashion industry on its head in a matter of hours, and apparel retailers and manufacturers often change their collections every two or three weeks. The fast-fashion phenomenon has created a culture that demands increased speed to market.

Remove Supply Chain Inefficiencies

Whether it's in warehousing, shipping, quality control, or some other facet of the supply chain, inefficiencies can slow your time to market and leave you trailing behind the competition. A third-party logistics service, or 3PL, can help you eliminate those inefficiencies so your business remains competitive.

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The customer experience will become the primary way that 89 percent of businesses plan to compete by the end of 2016, according to research and advisory firm Gartner . It's relatively easy to control the customer experience when your apparel business operates entirely in house, but companies using skilled third-party logistics providers (3PLs) can get the same benefits. For businesses expressing a clear focus on customer experience, 3PL customer service is more important than ever.

Your 3PL Represents Your Company

In many cases, the people who deal with your company are actually dealing with your 3PL. Your 3PL is the one responsible for paying carriers on time, for example. It's also responsible for distributing your products to consumers in a timely fashion, as ordered. And if payments aren't made, if products aren't sent, or if the wrong products are distributed, then your 3PL is responsible for communicating the problem and rectifying it. Good customer service means more than simply behaving as expected. It's also about communicating honestly and openly by proactively preventing problems, admitting when mistakes do occur, and doing everything possible to rectify them.

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Most people have heard of Amazon Prime, the e-tailer giant's subscription plan that offers freebies like two-day shipping and streaming services. Since its debut in 2005, Amazon Prime has grown to about 40 million participants, and research shows that Prime members spend more than double the amount that non-Prime members spend on the website. Clearly, the Prime program has proved successful for Amazon, but what impact does it have on global trade and logistics?

Free Shipping: An Irresistible Incentive

The original idea behind Amazon Prime proved extremely simple: Not only could customers get free shipping, but they also got their packages within two business days. Before Prime, Amazon offered free regular shipping on orders over $25, but the added time benefit sealed the deal for many online shoppers.

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