Ways to Save on LTL Rates

Everyone loves to save money, and when it comes to third party logistics, there are a few ways to save.  The folks at The Apparel Logistics Group are here to help you unlock the secrets to that saving so your company can be even more successful.

Here are a few of the best ways to save on your freight so your company can achieve the success and earnings it deserves!

Understanding the True Dimensions

One of the most important elements of saving on freight is understanding the exact dimensions of your cargo.  If your measurements are exactly accurate, you can expect a quote that is equally exact.  This will improve your ability to budget as you won’t have to face unexpected costs!

Consider Consolidators

When it comes to saving money on your freight, consolidators (or at least LTLs that work with Consolidators) are your best option.  These LTLs are non-traditional and they are often the most economical option available. 

Remember though that consolidators do have some disadvantages.  They can at times be slower than traditional LTLs, and they don’t serve as many options.  That being said, a consolidator can still be a great an economical choice for your applicable loads.

Location is Everything

Much like in real estate and most business, understanding location is essential to success. Some cities are simply cheaper than others and knowing those cities can save you a lot in the long run.

Maximize Your Space

In the world of logistics, you are paying for floor space, so don’t be afraid to maximize that space by stacking your pallets and taking advantage of the air space.

Build a Relationship with Your LTL

Getting the best quote is important, but sending out bids for quotes to a bunch of LTLs is not he best option.  Instead, consider building a positive relationship with one or maybe a couple LTLs and according to this site they will be more likely to work with you to get the best price for your business.

Getting good prices and saving money are essential parts of a successful business, and The Apparel Logistics Group is here to help.  Check out The Apparel Logistics Group website today for more information.


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