How Education Has Paid Off for Logistics Managers

 Professions in logistics and supply chain management have been considered respectable jobs and career for a long time now.  However, only within the past decade or so have careers in logistics become serious professions within a necessary field.

This change has come from the increased attention paid to logistics many universities.  And this increased respect is especially due to the many schools that are now offering programs with emphases in these fields.

The availability of college education in the field of logistics has made a huge difference for employment opportunities throughout the field.  And salary has been especially influenced by education in the business. Education plays a huge role in a successful logistics career, and here are a few of the main benefits of an education in logistics.

High Median and Average Salaries

Young logistics managers with education in the logistics field are expected to receive a high median or average salary.  In the past few years, the median salary has stayed at around 94,00$ while the average is strikingly high at 112,000$ according to Logistics Management.

Increased Salary over Career

Young graduates within the logistics field are much more likely to see continual increases in their salaries throughout their careers.  Along with starting at a higher rate than logistics managers in the past, new logistics graduates are likely to see more continual increases in their salaries over time according to a Logistics Management survey.

More Applicable Knowledge

The education provided to graduates in the logistics field is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the business.  And this means that graduates are more prepared for careers in logistics and generally better equipped for their future positions.  This knowledge also increases job satisfaction as it lowers stress for logistics managers.

Finding Your Education and Career in Logistics

A career in logistics can be an extremely rewarding experience, and the proper education can help to maximize that reward.  The experts at the Apparel Logistics Group are here to help.  Check out their website today for more information on your future in the logistics industry!



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