The Top 5 Reasons People Are Buying Online

Why does it matter to your business that people are buying online? Within the sales process, we always say that you need to go fishing where your fish are swimming. And we have to tell you … your customers are buying online.

Data suggests 83% of internet users have made a virtual purchase at some point. Look around the room. Eight of the 10 people around you bought an item off the internet. If your apparel company isn’t offering online sales, supported by outstanding logistics, you’re missing out on sales.

So, ecommerce advice aside, let’s start by taking a look at the top five reasons people are buying online. As you develop your business and marketing plans over the next few months, these are the factors you’ll want to weigh when choosing an apparel logistics company as well.

  1. Saves Time

    How does your family buy Christmas gifts? If you each make up a list, it must be frustrating to try and hustle up the exact products you want. Instead of running around to several stores to find what your family needs, it’s much easier to simply order it online. You can type in the item, look at a few reputable sources, then simply buy it using a credit card.

  2. Offers More Variety than In-Store Purchasing

    You might have heard recent jokes about ‘third world problems.’ But when Acme carries six varieties of flour, but none of them are gluten free rice flour, your problem is very real. You don’t just get variety by ordering online – you get exactly what you want. If you need a blue dress for a friend’s wedding, you can immediately narrow search results to blue dresses without visiting 10 stores at the mall.

  3. Makes It Easier to Compare Price

    If you’ve been wondering how much a fully loaded, convection oven should cost, it’s time to do some comparison shopping online. You can choose to purchase off the internet, or simply leverage your research for in-store negotiating.

  4. No Crowds During Peak Times

    Remember the horror stories from years ago on Black Friday? There would be 50 people waiting in line at 4 a.m. to try and purchase three TVs at a super-saver discount. Fear no more; you only need fast fingers these days.

  5. Potential for Lower Pricing

    Let’s face it; online shopping does not have the same storefront overhead costs as the traditional retail model. This is a big deal. Savings are being passed onto consumers without a second thought. While the profit margin may also be smaller, volume can easily make up the difference for online retailers. Consider that sales and specials can be turned on and off with the click of an administrative button, too.

3rd Party Logistics Outsourcing is Necessary to Compete, Even in the Digital Marketplace

The bottom line is very simple: In order to compete successfully, many retailers are turning to third party logistics providers to support their online sales efforts. The retail apparel industry continues to make huge strides in achieving this end goal as well.

When you consider what your customers want and who comprises your niche market, it’s time to start considering how you intend to service them with industry standard e-commerce solutions.

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