Ecommerce Sales are Skyrocketing Online: Are You Prepared?

Leading online marketing research firm eMarketer predicts US ecommerce spending will increase 15.1% year-over-year in November and December. The total amount consumers are projected to spend during that time will be around $61.8 billion. What's particularly interesting is that most of the mobile buying will happen on tablet PCs. They currently account for 62.5% of all mobile spending, up from 56.2% last year. And, by 2017, that number is projected to climb to 73%.


In today's marketplace, many leading fashion brands are getting their start in people's homes, and once they've reached a level of recognition, they expand and open a few flagship stores in metropolitan markets. Still others use different, rare, techniques to gain a competitive advantage., for example, focuses on providing high-quality consumer garments and shoes, while at the same time offering free shipping both ways, just in case you don't like the product you purchase.

If you've identified a competitive advantage and think you're ready to capitalize on the growth happening in the online purchasing of retail apparel, consider how you can take advantage of the opportunity.

Why 3PL's Present an Effective Solution to Rapid Growth


What better way to meet that expanding demand than by creating a relationship with a 3PL? A third-party logistics company specializing in fashion already has the people and processes in place that can help your apparel company expand. It takes large amounts of time to build these, time that you may not have during stages of rapid growth.

And in the modern market, time is of the essence. It'll be tough to skyrocket your retail company into a major brand because of so many dominant players in the marketplace. But, if you take advantage of growth spurts faster than your competitors, you can find yourself snatching market share before they can.

It's difficult to find a 3PL that serves specific industries, but at The Apparel Logistics Group, we've been specializing in providing outsourced logistics solutions specifically for the fashion industry since our beginning. In fact, we trace our roots back to 1919 with the creation of the Enro Shirt Company, the makers of the original button-down oxford style shirts with collars. We have more than 30 years of experience in the apparel supply chain outsourcing industry and can help you effectively serve any market across the globe.

Contact us if you need help capitalizing on the golden opportunity the months of November and December bring for the retail fashion industry!

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