Strange customs. Unfamiliar languages. New scents. Smiling, friendly people encouraging you to step inside and talk business.

Ahhh — the strange and exotic experience of life outside of America... somewhere in the middle of Texas, Nebraska, New Mexico or upstate New York. Okay fine: Foreign Trade Zones aren’t quite the same thing as a market in Marrakesh. But they can lower operating costs, improve your speed-to-market capabilities, and boost your bottom line. When it comes to apparel logistics, however, without detailed understanding of FTZ ins, outs, twists, and turns, you could end up as lost as a tourist in the bowels of a Bangkok bazaar. [ More...] [More...]
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Chooze Shoes sneers at conventional business wisdom and kicks cynicism in the gut with a (very colorful) size two ballet shoe.

Their approach flies in the face of everything you’d normally do to make your business model efficient and in the black. As anyone in business knows, it’s much easier to stay profitable when you can be single-minded about squeezing every ounce of productivity possible out of your products and services. Find a product that works, figure out how to make it cheaper to make, and then manufacture as many identical products as you can sell. [ More...]

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