Custom Embroidery Makes Your Clients Stand Out

Think about what you would find more impressive: an employee in a uniform with a logo merely printed or a uniform with the company logo and employee's name embroidered on it. Custom embroidery makes a strong first impression, signifying permanence, respectability, and sophistication. Embroidery is a simple, affordable way to enhance your brand by presenting it in the best light possible. Here are a few of the reasons you should consider a third-party logistics partner who can custom embroider apparel for clients.

Promotion: Embroidery Is a Moving Billboard

High-quality custom embroidery turns your employees into moving billboards. Investing once in embroidery essentially gives you an unlimited amount of free advertising every time your employees wear their uniforms. Rather than having your workers wear nondescript plain shirts or polos, you can leave a lasting impression on current and potential customers by including an embroidered logo on the front or back of the apparel.

How useful are uniforms as an advertising medium? A study out of Suffolk University suggests that uniforms are an effective marketing tool, even more so than several other forms of media. In fact, 72 percent of companies said that uniforms were more effective at brand-building than newspaper ads, 74 percent said they were more effective than TV ads, and 76 percent said they were more effective than billboards.

Differentiate Your Employees and Your Company

You can't deliver a superior customer service experience if customers can't identify your employees in the first place. Embroidery is eye-catching, setting your employees apart so customers can easily spot them. This is especially important for restaurants, bars, stores, and events. Furthermore, embroidery doesn't just help your employees stand out; it also helps your company stand out among the competition. Embroidery lends uniforms a polished look that customers associate with class and quality.

Define Your Brand with Customization Options

Embroidery gives you a wide variety of ways to design and customize your logo in a way that defines and becomes your brand. The expert digitizers at The Apparel Logistics Group will work with you to custom develop a logo that is as unique as your brand. You'll have the option to use specialty thread or gradient embroidery, for example, to help give your logo the distinction it deserves.


Screen-printed uniforms don't look nearly as professional as custom-embroidered ones. Embroidery shows your customers that your brand is here to stay, and that you're willing to invest a little extra to set it apart. The permanence of embroidery inspires trust in customers and lends a certain air of security to your company. Embroidery raises the bar for employee uniforms and signifies professionalism to competitors and customers alike.

Whether you're trying to improve brand awareness or distinguish yourself from your competitors, custom-embroidering your name and logo on your employees' uniforms can help you do it. If you'd like to learn more about our custom-embroidery services, fill out this short form. We'll be in touch with you within one to three business days to complete your free consultation.

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