Increasing Employee Safety within Warehouses

Every warehouse is faced with its own unique safety challenges; however, there are general rules and principles that, if followed, can create an accident and injury-free work environment. Here are three ways to increase overall employee safety and efficiency within your warehouse.

Incorporate Safety into Company Culture

The easiest way to keep your workers safe is to include safety regulations in every aspect of the work. Rather than only discussing safety regulations in meetings every now and then, have signs throughout the warehouse with easy-to-remember phrases about wearing the proper attire, protecting yourself when working with certain machines, and other safety regulations.

Train Employees Regularly

In addition to making safety a part of the daily conversation, the safety regulations of the warehouse should be reviewed in detail on a regular basis during a time set aside particularly for training. Discuss with your employees the rules that warehouses typically get cited for by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), such as improper use of forklifts, lack of hazard communication, and electrical wiring methods.

If regulations such as these are broken, it could result in both a citation from OSHA, and injuries, fines, or lawsuits.

Motivate Employee Proactivity

The employees in your warehouse will be able to work more efficiently and adhere to safety guidelines if there is more motivation to be proactive. Encourage them to seek to be safe in everything they do and reward them when you see a job done well and done safely. If you see employees that are not adhering to safety regulations, kindly point out how they can improve and ensure that those who are working nearby are also aware of the correct way to follow these regulations.

Maintain a safe work environment for your employees in your warehouse by spreading awareness of the dangers that accompany a lack of respect for warehouse safety rules and regulations. Your employees will not only be safer, but they will also be able to work more effectively and in a timely manner knowing that they are doing their job correctly and safely. 

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