Big Data: A Worthy Investment? Or an Unbalanced Expense?

The future of 3PLS is bright, but new technology and best practices are leading to major changes within the industry.  And the biggest innovation at the moment is the switch to Big Data.

This new innovation is certainly on its way, and although there are only a few logistics groups that have invested in Big Data at this point, the Big Data trend is continuing to increase.

Understanding Big Data, its advantages, and its disadvantages can help you make the decision to switch over more effectively for your small business.  Apparel Logistics makes it their priority to stay on top of in-coming trends, by working to constantly improve on the processes of the past.

What is Big Data?

The term “Big Data” refers to groups of data sets so vast that they cannot be processed using normal analytical techniques. In the increasingly technology heavy world, data is also constantly on the increase, in fact, according to this site, 90% percent of the world’s data today was created in the past two years. 

Even more amazing, this same site also claims that according to estimates, we will have created 40 trillion gigabytes by 2020! With so much data being generated, it is no surprise that businesses are turning to bigger solutions.

Processing high volumes of data can be difficult to accomplish, however, if your 3PL Company does have the ability to sort through and process the information, the benefits can be great.

Understanding your information from a macro-perspective can give you the tools your company needs to not only accomplish your goals, but set better targeted goals in the first place.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Big Data?

Making the decision to invest in Big Data can be extremely beneficial to your company. In fact, according to this site, over 84% of experts in the logistics industry, project that big data will have a major impact on logistics companies.

That being said, dealing with big data means big expenses, time investments, and new strategies to deal with the huge volume of incoming data.  Without proper preparation, these expenses can be detrimental to companies.

Qualified 3PLs who are armed with the necessary skills and knowledge to maneuver Big Data, can bring even greater success to your company.  Contact the Apparel Logistics Group today for more information.

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