What can Apparel Companies do to be Prepared for Black Friday?

While the chaotic nature of this holiday heightens your stress levels, everything’s good once the profits roll in.  But, you can maximize those profits if you are fully prepared for the busiest-case scenario.

Here are some things you can do to make sure your apparel company is ready for the business that surrounds Black Friday:

Have skilled staff on hand to meet the increased demand – Remember, if you’re blaming your employees for how things are going, you’re not taking responsibility for the situation.  Get your team assembled early on, and make sure they have clear performance expectations.  If an employee isn’t meeting expectations, discuss with them how you and they can work together to get back on track. 

If they’re a good employee, but aren’t working out in the current position, move them to another one.  If they’re an employee who just doesn’t care, make sure you take responsibility, let them go, and find somebody better to replace them. 

1.      Study your labor needs – It’s tough to schedule employee shifts because your need for labor fluctuates so wildly during this season.  Make sure you keep all the data on hand from past seasons so you can somewhat project what your needs will be.  You won’t be able to do this perfectly, so maintain relationships with temporary staffing agencies so you can get quick access to the labor you need when you need it.

2.      Cross-train current employees – Your current workforce knows how things work at your company.  You can only work them so many hours of overtime each week before their performance suffers. But, do make sure to cross-train them so they can help out in emergency situations. 

3.      Add performance incentives – You can motivate employees using the carrot or the stick.  The stick tends to cause negative emotional reactions and leads to higher turnover rates.  Use the carrot – give your employees bonuses if their department and your store meets agreed-upon production goals. 

4.      Have a 3PL in place to assist with spikes in demand – If you don’t already outsource some or all of your apparel logistics requirements, make sure you have a good relationship with your 3PL.  A good one acts as an “invisible arm” of your company, fully ready to help you with any logistics needs you have at any given moment. 

You Can’t Prepare for Every Situation But…

You can make the best of Black Friday with these tips.   Here’s to what hopefully becomes your most successful year ever!


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