The annual holiday season surge in retail is upon us, and experts think that millions upon millions more dollars will change hand this year than last. The inexact nature of retail forecasting, however, along with the generally uneven nature of the economy right now, highlights the challenges this all-important season poses for apparel companies -- especially the need for high-level fashion logistics.

According to USA Today:

"Heading into the biggest shopping period of the year, at least 10 entities, ranging from consulting firm Bain to an assortment of retail consultants and academics, come out with predictions of how much retail sales will be up or down during November and December.

Forecasts can vary dramatically, underscoring the differences in methodology and the questionable value to businesses of paying attention to them. This year, numbers from four groups for the expected rise in sales from last year’s holiday season range from 3 percent to 4.1 percent."

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For apparel companies, the benefits of apparel warehousing automation are pretty well known: Lower costs. Fewer mistakes. Faster speed-to-market. And, perhaps most important, the ability and flexibility to keep up with rapid changes in consumer tastes and apparel market demands.

The benefits don't just apply to the apparel industry. Indeed, according to The New York Times, across a wide range of industries, productivity and savings gleaned from robotics and other forms of automation can be startling :

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