Our (158,000 Square-Foot) Apparel Warehouse is Your House

Every supply chain needs an anchor. No matter how many moving parts you’re effectively able to string together, at some point good home cookin’ and space to put your feet up is needed.

Welcome to Lewisville, Texas. Our home. Our community. Our heart and soul. The engine powering all of our logistics and supply chain management services. Come on in to our North Dallas apparel distribution center — 158,000-square feet of state-of-the-art, automated efficiency and apparel warehousing ease.

Allow us to brag a bit. The facility boasts:

  • A combined 6.2 million cubic feet of garment processing space
  • 16 dock doors for easy access and improved operational flow
  • Easily configurable pick location, allowing us to customize our capabilities around your product’s specific needs
  • Automated conveyors and sortation systems and a Railex garment-on-hanger system for improved efficiency
  • Pick to light technology for improve order fulfillment processes
  • A Crisplant tilt tray sorter for high-speed sortation lines

wholesale apparel warehouse


It’s WMS (warehouse management system)-controlled and CTPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)-certified. And it’s a foreign trade zone, which is fantastic way that apparel logistics can lower operating costs and improve speed-to-market. Combined, these features have allowed us to meet two objectives we had in mind when designing the facility.

First, we wanted to engineer a better, more efficient automated materials handling system that could get any job with the fewest number of touches necessary. This would both lower handling costs and boost quality control since there are fewer possibilities for error.

Similarly important was where we stationed these capabilities. There’s no reason to pioneer ways to drive down apparel warehousing costs and then waste the savings on unnecessary transportation costs needed to get to a remote, isolated facility. Just 25 miles north of Downtown Dallas — one of the most robust and centrally located business and industry centers in America — our headquarters and facility are ideally located to serve our customers across the country and improve the all-important speed-to-market in fashion logistics.

Come visit us. We’d love to show you around.

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