Information Matters in Apparel Logistics: How to Close the Feedback Loop

If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, an opaque link shrouded in mystery, confusion and rigidity isn’t going to pull your company very far. Feedback is information, and information is the power that welds your supply system into a transparent, flexible, self-reinforcing chain.

This is true for any business, but it’s especially true in apparel logistics. Apparel supply chains can easily stretch like spider webs across the world, and the end product often needs to be changed season after season alongside rapidly shifting customer tastes. Just one oversight or one bit of missed information — one kink in the chain, in other words — can basically result in a lost business cycle.

According to Apparel Magazine, the feedback effect is similar to the way drivers respond to radar speed signs:

Studies have proven these signs to be far more effective in calming traffic than having police officers write tickets, said Giles. Why? Because with the tickets, drivers found out too late that they were speeding. There was no feedback, so there was no change in behavior.

Imagine if you could take the pulse of your entire enterprise. Imagine if you had clear insight into each step of your supply chain, and everyone else did, too. That’s what forward-thinking companies are trying to do — "to bring these principles to the supply chain," said Giles, "to create a feedback loop." [...]

Putting systems in place to gather and utilize feedback — from consumers, employees and data systems — allows an enterprise to close the loop, with each link in the supply chain benefiting from the others.

We agree. In fact, we've got a slew of third party logistics services that can help your company stay in tune with what's happening along your supply chain — from factory to customer — because improved feedback covering any link in your supply chain will improve the other. Let's take a look:

1. Apparel Inventory Software and Apparel Information Technology Outsourcing — Technology is making gathering feedback easier and easier. For example, our apparel information technology outsourcing services include customized, on-demand or scheduled reporting of your company’s IT needs and operations. Our systems include redundant data connections, as well as electronic records of all inbound and outbound transactions. Plus, our dedicated IT staff will ensure that everything stays up and running. You won’t be left in the dark.

2. Apparel Quality Control — A core strength of our quality control measures include careful monitoring of garment quality throughout your supply chain, including specification measuring and advanced apparel inspection services at Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) standard. You’ll know whether your products are meeting your high standards.

3. Customer Service Support — Your most valuable feedback will always come from your customers, so an open, willing, effective ear that customers recognize and are willing to speak to is key. Make it easy for them to tell you what’s wrong (or right!).
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