Go Global. Our Apparel Supply Chain Management Services Can Help.

Our third party logistics services are about all about helping you get the right product to the right place at the right time. Sometimes, however, it’s just more affordable and more efficient to set up parts of your supply chain outside the great ol’ USA.

Set sail with us and explore what’s waiting for you. From São Paulo to Shenzen to the South China Sea, the world is bursting with willing markets, hard-working labor pools, and opportunities to build a brand infrastructure that lasts.

Here are three ways our Apparel Supply Chain Management Services help:

1. International Transportation Management

We specialize in both ocean transportation and air transportation, which encompasses a wide range of services. For example, we can drive down your operating costs by finding and securing advantageous ocean freight rates. We can also help you consolidate and deconsolidate your shipments for more flexibility and efficiency.

2. Customs Clearance Management and Customs Brokerage Management

Every country has its own byzantine set of customs codes and regulation — and few of them are designed with simplicity and ease in mind. We can help you navigate them, and explore ways to lower costs like duties and taxes.

3. Foreign Trade Zone

As we discussed a few weeks ago here on the Apparel Logistics Group blog, Foreign Trade Zones are excellent for lowering inventory costs and taxes while boosting speed-to-market. In essence, they bring many of the advantages of developing your supply chain overseas right here to America. Inversely, Foreign Trade Zones also make it possible to include some of the benefits of working here in the states — legal protection, cutting-edge technology, safe ports, and a highly-educated workforce — into supply chains ends up in some distant foreign market. For example, FTZs usually feature duty exemptions on re-exports, which allows companies to add value to imported products and then re-export them without having to pay duties.

We’d love to travel with you. Contact one of international supply chain management specialists our for more information.

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