Our third party logistics services are about all about helping you get the right product to the right place at the right time. Sometimes, however, it’s just more affordable and more efficient to set up parts of your supply chain outside the great ol’ USA.

Set sail with us and explore what’s waiting for you. From São Paulo to Shenzen to the South China Sea, the world is bursting with willing markets, hard-working labor pools, and opportunities to build a brand infrastructure that lasts. [ More...]

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If you’re curious exactly how important it is to be able to connect with you customers, just look at one of the most dominate trends of the past few years — social media. According to Mashable:

In the past six months, the amount of fashion insiders embracing social media has skyrocketed. On any given day (depending on who you are following) you can learn that Marc Jacobs president Robert Duffy is still pondering locations for their rapidly approaching fashion show. You might know that designer Rachel Roy had an interview with a media outlet, or that designer Tory Burch is hoping to see models with “some meat on their bones” in her show. By letting the public behind the fashion influencer curtain, stalwarts and luminaries have created and connected to an entirely new audience, and capitalized on the 400 million Facebook users and more than 22 million Twitter users. Social media, it seems, has become the hottest trend since skinny jeans and stiletto heels. [ More...]

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Every supply chain needs an anchor. No matter how many moving parts you’re effectively able to string together, at some point good home cookin’ and space to put your feet up is needed.

Welcome to Lewisville, Texas. Our home. Our community. Our heart and soul. The engine powering all of our logistics and supply chain management services. Come on in to our North Dallas apparel distribution center — 158,000-square feet of state-of-the-art, automated efficiency and apparel warehousing ease. [ More...]

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If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, an opaque link shrouded in mystery, confusion and rigidity isn’t going to pull your company very far. Feedback is information, and information is the power that welds your supply system into a transparent, flexible, self-reinforcing chain.

This is true for any business, but it’s especially true in apparel logistics. Apparel supply chains can easily stretch like spider webs across the world, and the end product often needs to be changed season after season alongside rapidly shifting customer tastes. Just one oversight or one bit of missed information — one kink in the chain, in other words — can basically result in a lost business cycle. [ More...] [More...]
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Maker & Company is refined, yet irreverent. It nods to the finest menswear traditions, yet unique. The company is pioneering a better type of men’s sportswear, yet it’s doing so through a classic approach to clothes making. It’s for gentlemen, nay, tastemakers who’d rather live a life that’s more than a little bit rugged, yet who care about things like fit, color palettes and design while doing so.

And, even though the New York-based company is less than a year-old, you can already find Maker & Company shirts, sweaters and sportswear in more than 250 better men’s stores across the country. [ More...] [More...]
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