Mobile technology is changing the world of business. Today's workers are more untethered and on the go than ever, working on smartphones and tablets from airports, hotels, coffee shops—anywhere they happen to be. In an industry that's all about managing the supply and distribution of materials and goods, it's no surprise that mobile technology is becoming the go-to tool for efficiency and economy for third party logistics providers. [More...]
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You are probably familiar with federal trade zone (FTZ) services. In fact, you are likely considering whether the employment of such services would benefit your company. Enhance your decision-making process by learning all the positives about federal trade zone utilization.

What Are They?

Foreign trade zones exemplify the broadening horizons of the global marketplace. Regions that have historically lacked in mercantile participation become viable hosts for new factories and other manufacturing distribution outlets. The U.S. Customs Border and Protection (CBP) protects these segments of the market with the goal of creating viable national competitors for international trade.

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