Fashion Logistics Plans to Avoid Disruptions

Earlier this week, Thailand suffered its worst power outages in recent memory. According to the Associated Press, more than 8 million people were affected across 14 provinces, including tourist hotspots like the island of Phuket.

The outage, which officials blamed on a faulty high-voltage cable, only lasted a few hours, but the sheer scale and unpredictability of the incident should be startling for manufacturers in the country. The outage was reminiscent, even if on a much smaller scale, of the massive blackouts in India that occurred in August 2012, when a staggering 670 million people were left without power over the course of three days. The outages affected everyone and put the operations of a vast array of businesses and manufacturers in India on hold for days.

In Thailand, the effect on manufacturers was more psychological. This is, in part, because the incident was hardly the first such outage. The popular island of Koh Samui found itself without power recently, and Toyota suspended production for a day in April to help the country save electricity. Thus, concerns are being raised by the business community that more damaging stoppages could be looming:
Surat Thani Chamber of Commerce chairman Suthat Lertmanorat said the blackout had hit businesses' long-term confidence in the provincial power utilities. He is worried that such blackouts will recur, but added that the major industries in the province were not hit hard as they had backup power and the incident only lasted for a brief period. [...]

Songkhla Chamber of Commerce chairman Somporn Siriporananont said the blackout was roughly estimated to cost the business sector in the province at least Bt500 million, as some major manufacturers' production processes were disrupted.
In an era where speed-to-market is increasingly important, three days or three hours could mean the difference between sinking and swimming for many companies. Does your company have a plan to deal with these sorts of operational disruptions?

Some unexpected stoppages simply can't be avoided. But with flexible, streamlined apparel supply chain management and fashion logistics, you can withstand the occasional disruption by picking up the slack elsewhere in the supply chain or leaving yourself time (and profits) to spare. Other stoppages, with enough fashion 3PL expertise and preparation, can be avoided. Either way, The Apparel Logistics Group can help.
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