Remember the looming port strikes on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts threatening to shut down international trade and, by extension, much of the U.S. economy as we know it? Well, after a year of tense and tenuous negotiations, cooler heads prevailed and a major, long-term agreement was reached in April with port workers: [More...]
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Earlier this week, Thailand suffered its worst power outages in recent memory. According to the Associated Press, more than 8 million people were affected across 14 provinces, including tourist hotspots like the island of Phuket. [More...]
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The Planet Money blog and podcast made a not-so-unusual decision for a public radio program a couple years ago — they decided to raise money by selling t-shirts. [More...]
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We talk quite a bit here on The Apparel Logistics Blog about how costly major disruptions such as natural disasters, labor stoppages, political unrest, security risks, economic swings, and so forth can be. Simply put, apparel companies must, must, must, must invest in the type of supply chain flexibility and resilience in order to be able to bounce back from unexpected, hugely costly interruptions. [More...]
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