Multi-Channel Apparel Distribution in Today’s Modern, Manic World

apparel-distribution.jpgFashion logistics would be a lot easier, say, if we were all just a bunch of clones. Same size. Same shape. Same preferences. But we’re not (thankfully, really), which just means apparel supply chains just need to stay ready to adapt on the fly.

According to Apparel Magazine:

Handling multiple types of order profiles and/or customers out of the same building can cause wide fluctuations in capacity requirements. Many operations do not have the luxury of accommodating a consistent level of order volume and thus material flow volume. What is driving this? Stronger seasonal fluctuations, more promotional activity, varying store/customer order sizes and sudden unpredicted changes in demand have a direct impact on the order fulfillment system. Therefore, order fulfillment systems need to be designed with the capability to “flex.”

We’ve mentioned several of these demands here on The Apparel Logistics Group blog.

Some are standard challenges for the apparel industry. For example, seasonal fluctuations (say, the November-December holiday season or the back-to-school season in August and September) have traditionally placed huge demands on apparel fulfillment systems. Or just take a look at the unseasonably warm February and March as we saw this year and the effect it had on apparel demand.

But new customer-side technologies have changed the supply chain logistics game in big ways, especially when it comes to multi-channel distribution. For example, one byproduct of the e-commerce era is an increased emphasis on promotional activity. While it’s not really feasible or cost-effective for most shoppers to drive all over town in search of the best deals, doing so online is unprecedentedly easy (especially considering the impact of shopping “aggregators” such as Google Shopping or smartphone apps that let shoppers quickly compare prices). This means more deals, more often, and more sudden changes in apparel demand.

The keys for responding to these types of challenges, of course, are apparel supply chain flexibility and cutting edge retail logistics. Our apparel fulfillment services – including our apparel inventory and clothing warehousing capabilities -- can help. We provide a diverse range of apparel distribution services, including:

  • Bulk storage
  • GOH storage
  • Pallet storage
  • Pick and pack and replenishment services
  • Apparel inventory management
  • Re-ticketing/repacking
  • Apparel returns management
  • E-commerce
  • And more...

We can help your company meet any of these fulfillment challenges (whether familiar or new) and be primed and ready when the next unforeseen factor alters your customers’ demands.

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