Fuel Standards Tightening for Trucks

 President Obama recently announced his plans to begin tightening fuel efficiency standards by March 31, 2016. This will be in efforts to compete with the “green” efforts of other nations and to decrease the use of greenhouse gas by over 25%. This will also lower the United State’s oil consumption substantially.

The new standards will impact models from 2014-2018. These newer semi trucks will have to achieve 20% reduction in greenhouse emissions and fuel consumption. Other trucks like pickup and garbage trucks will have to reduce by 10%-15%. The administration is estimating that this will save owners and operators over $50 billion in fuel costs. This is the same amount of fuel that we import from Saudi Arabia each year. Taking that into consideration, this bill would make it so the nation to be less dependent on foreign oil.

While this may seem like an effective policy, it has been met with resistance by manufacturers who will be paying the initial start-up improvements. Manufacturers are becoming increasingly involved in order to keep their costs lower and their business models efficient.

While this policy is not planned to go into effect for a couple years, the effects of it will be felt by companies around the nation when it does go into effect. Most truck suppliers are supporting the initiative as it will help improve their mileage and increase overall efficiency and in the end, profit.

The trucking industry remains the nation’s biggest challenge in controlling greenhouse emissions and there may not be one right answer. Going to the source and lowering fuel consumption is one strategy that may work better than others but there is always opposition from one party, whether it is the party paying the upfront costs or the oil companies that will be shorted in the long run.

With changing policies on the road and in the industry, working with a 3rd partly logistics company can help you manage stress and ultimately hand some of the responsibility over. In the long run, this will maintain your sanity and substantially lower your costs. 

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