Do 3pls Need to Improve Their IT?

Third Party Logistics companies are running into a bottle neck caused by stagnancy in their IT services.  Half of the shippers who have used 3PLs have been dissatisfied with IT services.  There are still an increasing number of companies turning to 3PLs.  Is it really that important to improve your IT?  Here are some reasons you might consider it:


Any 3PL that is trying to set itself apart from the competition will take IT as necessary part of that differentiating process.  By improving and leveraging IT, 3PLswill have low-cost solutions to provide ways to connect companies properly with customers.


When a 3PLs is trying to specialize, it needs to have a strong foundation with IT.  This will ultimately reassure and encourage customers to keep shipping through them.  Companies will feel secure with the reporting and technology in the Transportation Management System.


A company won’t work with a 3PLs if it is not up to date in its IT.  They are looking for security when they send any of their resources to 3PL.  This requires a strong, modern, and scalable infrastructure to match the customer’s expectations

Whatever your feelings are on IT, there is no way of getting around it.  This is what customers are coming to expect.  Those 3PLs that invest in the modern technology will be winning out as they become much more efficient and dependable in the end.  Keep your 3PL on track by decreasing the gap between IT capabilities and customer expectations.  See what incredible IT services we offer here at The Apparel Group.

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