3PL Outlook for 2014

 Third party logistics (3PL) has come a long way from its trucking firm days.  Over the years they have developed to also be able to assemble parts, package, and handle returned goods as well.  3PL continues to have big plans for expansion in the future.


Big Data was brought to the attention of the industry in 2013, and as it has promising effects for the system as a whole, it will begin to be implemented in 2014.  It will provide a constant data feed to carriers, shippers, and other subcontractors to stay fully up to date.


Typically, 3PL has been a safe option to turn to when companies were looking to save money. However, handling logistics in-house for companies isn’t going to cut it anymore.  The expectation has been raised to also create more effectiveness and generate more money flow throughout the supply chain.


While logistic providers used to be able to offer their public warehousing services, now companies are beginning to ask for a lot more and at the same or cheaper rates.  It becomes more difficult when online shopping is becoming more and more prevalent as the inventory shipped has to go through many channels.  If the customer is buying it from home, it is most likely going to be sent from the showroom floor, while what is in store comes from the 3PL.

Global Trade

As 3PL continue to move onwards and upwards, the boundaries are beginning to expand.  No longer are they limited by distance, but they are trading with a global market.  In the coming here, it will be absolutely necessary for any competent third party logistics agency to be able to handle that level of management.  Those that are able to achieve this receive a lot of benefits, and not just more clients.  They will become stronger internally, continually strategizing better for the companies they work for.

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