The Interrelationship of Fashion and Technology

We talk quite a bit here on the Apparel Logistics blog about how technology is impacting the apparel industry — especially fashion logistics and apparel supply chain management. But one of the great things about apparel and technology is just how much technological innovation is reflected in innovation itself.

Robo-Model-New.jpgThis relationship has become especially evident during the digital age, since just about any garment can be spruced up with a microscopic, possibly omnipotent computer chip. It's not just futuristic gadgets that seem like they were inspired by a James Bond movie either, such as Google's Project Glass and Apple's rumored iWatch. According to the BBC, "geek chic" is becoming a full-blown trend.

Recently, however, the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York opened a pretty nifty exhibit that shows how technology and fashion have influenced each other throughout history. For good reasons too: Both are bellwethers of change. Both often measure marketability by newsness and freshness. And, perhaps most important, innovation in both technology and fashion is driven by similar needs for utility.

According to SmartPlanet
, the exhibit highlights more recent stuff, such as 3D-printed clothing (showcased in 2008, well ahead of the 3D-print hype that emerged over the past year), a clutch that doubled as a laptop, a device that can be sewn into clothes that, say, can play music or monitor a heartbeat. Also highlighted was the use of animation and holographic imagining in marketing campaigns. But the exhibit also highlights stuff from throughout the past century and beyond.

For example, from 1888, there's what looks like a formal skirt but is actually a pair of trousers — a garment designed to allow women to ride bikes without breaking cultural norms. There are some of the first garments to incorporate zippers — a key innovation that made getting dressed in the morning just a little bit easier. And there are examples of how technological innovations in machinery were used to change the fashion industry, especially the sewing machine.

Here at The Apparel Logistics Group, we're primarily concerned with how technology in fashion 3PL can improve your company's apparel supply chain management and accelerate your products' speed to market. But technological innovation can begin anywhere in the fashion industry, so it’s important to keep an eye on all of it in order to stay ahead of the technological curve.
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