Apparel IT Outsourcing: Logistics Made Easy and Efficient

apparel information technology outsourcing

Apparel supply chain management without cutting edge information technology is like fighting with one hand tied behind your back, racing Talladega with one flat tire, swimming the 100-meter butterfly in a burqa… you get the point. It might sound like a fun challenge, but it probably won't be friendly to the bottom line.

Simply put, apparel information technology outsourcing can give you a distinct technical advantage over your competitors -- which itself opens up a slew of distinct supply chain advantages, including:

  • Faster speed-to-market
  • Better inventory control
  • Lower overhead and waste costs
  • More efficient, more profitable, more simplified apparel supply chain management

Here are three ways our 3rd Party Logistics IT services can help:

1. Better, Faster, More Accurate and Detailed Record-Keeping

Data is gold in a business as fast-paced and globe-spanning as apparel, and our apparel 3PL IT services can give your company welcome access to a wealth of data about its operations. Our services include redundant data connections to all retailer value-added networks, automated electronic records of all inbound and outbound transaction, and reporting capabilities both scheduled and on-demand. Armed with this type of data, it's much easier to spot areas in need of adjustment and make corrections on the fly.

2. Major Retailer Compliance

Major retails thrive on efficiency, automation and clarity, and they demand the same from their suppliers. Confusion, sloppiness and inefficiency simply have no place in the highly streamlined world of big retail. So our IT capabilities include EDI standards for all retailers (including label and packaging) can make it easy for you to give them what you need.

3. Dedicated IT Support Staff

Considering how varied and spread out the apparel business can be – as well as how fast apparel technology evolves – maintaining a full-time IT staff on-site can be cumbersome. Our apparel IT outsourcing services include a dedicated IT staff, ensuring expert, around-the-clock support from end-to-end of your supply chain -- regardless of how far it stretches. And it ensures that you'll stay ahead of the curve with the latest available technology.

We can even provide customized programming to better fit your company's unique needs. Contact our apparel IT outsourcing experts to learn more.

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