Compliment or praise employee work performance by giving “KUDOS”

Manager and supervisors recognize employees for their individual strengths and talents and inspire employee engagement. Recognizing people for their good work sends an extremely powerful message to the recipient.

Employers and managers may think they are showing gratitude for the contribution of their staff. The number one reason people leave their job is because they don’t feel appreciated it. It is definitely a great feeling when we feel appreciated for the hard work and effort we put all our heart in and give the best that we can at our jobs.

We must look at the positive outcome when giving kudos to the individual. Getting recognized does increase individual productivity.

· Employee recognition builds a great company culture

  • Teamwork between employees is enhanced.
  • Getting the highest customer score for the week
  • Improving their customer feedback score
  • Individual performance, recognition
  • Getting a WOW from a customer

Rewarding Customers

Providing a gift card to their favorite restaurant

Naming them employee of the month with a certificate/free lunch

Providing an extra paid vacation day

The results of acknowledging hard work makes the individual maintain a positive attitude by providing great effort to maintain that positive feedback. Employees are more passionate about their work and it gives them a chance to inspire more positive goals.

At The Apparel Logistics Group we view our associates as our most value asset. We firmly believe in providing solutions to our customers and embracing the triad of people, process and technology.

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