Merchandising: Why You Need a Professional

One of the most important aspects of third-party logistics (3PLs) is merchandising. If you fail to display a product in the best possible setting, you are losing a fortune in potential revenue. Here are four reasons why you should consider adding merchandising to your 3PL services.


No matter how good an eye you believe you have for aesthetics, you cannot match that of a professional merchandising service. Such logistics organizations employ people whose combined knowledge of enhancing product awareness dwarfs your own. They have demonstrated expertise in the art of product display that has kept customers satisfied for years, if not decades.

As a retailer, your ability to move inventory as quickly as possible directly determines your revenue stream. You owe it to your company to employ experienced experts who will maximize the appeal of your products.

Perfecting Visuals

As you know, the best places to grab a customer’s attention are the store windows and the front page of your website. Visual merchandising is the most important aspect in retail sales. Professionals understand little tricks of the trade, such as grouping together similar items to enhance the appeal of each one. They also know that store lighting, employee uniforms, and store layout are hidden factors in customer purchasing. Through merchandising, you can convert subtle store imagery into direct sales.

Enhanced Expansion

The other conceit you may have is that your store window and website front page are the only places where merchandising is a factor. This is untrue. As your company grows, your brand matters more and more to your customers. The brutal reality is that your experience in dealing with a wider customer base will not grow at a matching pace.

Protecting your brand is a key part of expansion. Merchandising experts have exponentially more training and expertise in this department. Rely upon their knowledge gained over time rather than sticking to your inexperienced practices. They may have worked in getting you this far, but they could stand in the way of future growth.

Consistency in Tone

During the early days of a business, your customer marketing falls under the category of straightforward. You primarily experience face-to-face conversations, so there is little need to hammer out every minute detail in writing. You and your co-workers handle the sales pitch on your own.

As you expand, you will start to experience a firewall between yourself and your customers. The tone you perfected in your store or small chain needs updating to address the larger clientele. A merchandising expert ensures that your look, feel, and style are on full display across all marketing platforms.

How valuable is this behavior? Think about companies like Old Navy, Gap, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Each company’s brand is easy to remember because they are consistent in tone with their commercials, print ads, and store layouts. They achieved that tone through impeccable merchandising.

If you want your company to maximize its revenue potential, employing a fashion merchandising expert from a company such as The Apparel Logistics Group is critical. Our combination of experience and skill in growing your brand while maintaining your consistency of tone will enhance your chances of excelling in your industry. If you don’t use this as part of your apparel 3PL, you’re throwing away money.

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