One of the most important aspects of third-party logistics (3PLs) is merchandising. If you fail to display a product in the best possible setting, you are losing a fortune in potential revenue. Here are four reasons why you should consider adding merchandising to your 3PL services.


No matter how good an eye you believe you have for aesthetics, you cannot match that of a professional merchandising service. Such logistics organizations employ people whose combined knowledge of enhancing product awareness dwarfs your own. They have demonstrated expertise in the art of product display that has kept customers satisfied for years, if not decades.

As a retailer, your ability to move inventory as quickly as possible directly determines your revenue stream. You owe it to your company to employ experienced experts who will maximize the appeal of your products.

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Manager and supervisors recognize employees for their individual strengths and talents and inspire employee engagement. Recognizing people for their good work sends an extremely powerful message to the recipient.

Employers and managers may think they are showing gratitude for the contribution of their staff. The number one reason people leave their job is because they don’t feel appreciated it. It is definitely a great feeling when we feel appreciated for the hard work and effort we put all our heart in and give the best that we can at our jobs.

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Properly handling the accounting for your company is crucial to the overall financial welfare of your apparel business. For this reason, you should not entrust yourself or some other employee with the responsibility. Here are four reasons to outsource your apparel accounting instead.

Time Management

As a primary decision maker in your company, think about the best ways to spend your time. Do you want to work on the apparel considerations that define your company’s future or do you want to spend time learning how to perform bookkeeping tasks? Even if you did, do you believe you would have the same accuracy as a professional?

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