3PL for Small Businesses

There are around 27 million small businesses registered in the United States that produce over half of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP). This means that, despite what many believe, small businesses are alive and well in today’s fast paced and global economy.

In the modern business world, large corporations and enterprises seemingly dominated the economic landscape making it near to impossible for small and growing bossiness to flourish. But the truth is that with all of the available tools at their disposal, there has never been a better time for growth and prosperity for small business owners.

3PL as a Tool for Growth

One such invaluable tool for growth amongst small businesses is third-party logistics, or 3PL.  Like other third-party services, third-party logistics companies, such as The Apparel Group, Inc., operate as business partners with their clients to ensure the growth and prosperity of both companies.

As small business owners partner with 3PL services, they will find new doors of growth opened to them.  The primary reason for this growth can be attributed to the services of logistics management offered by the 3PL company.

Services of 3PL Partners

As many small business owners already know, one of the most difficult aspects of their job is keeping their company producing day by day.  The moving parts of a well-running company, even a small one, are intricate, complicated, and at times over-burdensome.

But many of these operational worries can be tended to efficiently and professionally by 3PL service providers; enabling the small business owner to concentrate on other tasks such as developing new products, networks, and overall growth. A few of the services that 3PL providers offer include:

·         Order tracking

·         Product transportation management (both domestic and international)

·         Customs clearance and brokerage management (for international orders and shipping)

·         Shipping consolidation negotiations to lower costs of bulk shipping when the order does not fill an entire crate or truckload (this service can be particularly helpful to small businesses)

·         Warehousing

·         Distribution

·         Complete supply chain management

·         Management of complex compliance issues dictated by the small business’ customers

·         Industry best practices, dedicated staff and up to date technology

·         Available metrics to measure the effectiveness of the services provided (visibility?)

With the above service of 3PLs, a small business will be able to ensure the efficiency of their complicated supply chain and develop the resources to continue in their growth. The Apparel Logistics Group is a partner who can satisfy the many requirements of companies seeking a 3PL provider.


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