Lost in Translation: Let The Apparel Logistics Group Be Your Guide

global apparel salesFor apparel companies, crossing borders for the first time can feel like head-scratching, fanny-packed tourists trying to navigate a Japanese subway. It’d be easier to try to climb the Tower of Babel.

According to Apparel Magazine, the struggling economy here in the United States has made it more attractive both for American retailers and American brands to expand operations abroad – and not just in manufacturing.

After all, if your supply chain originates in, say, Southeast Asia, why not find ways to make it end in Southeast Asia as well? Emerging heavyweights such as China, Turkey, Indonesia, India and Brazil have burgeoning middle classes with discretionary incomes to burn, but the same is true for smaller, still-potent high-growth countries such as Thailand, Chile, Qatar, Vietnam and Nigeria. For example, Brooks Brothers has seen its sales in China grow by a whopping 40 percent in recent years, and its $80 million in sales in Southeast Asia makes up 7 percent of the company's total revenues.

Furthermore, thanks in part to the global reach of Hollywood, the U.S. and Europe are still the predominant fashion trendsetters in most countries – especially among moneyed internationalist classes. Owning American brand-name apparel can be an unmatched status symbol in many places. Spend any amount of time perusing, say, a Bangkok street market – and its stalls after stalls packed with counterfeit American goods – and it’s easy to see the vast allure of western brands.

But opening up or expanding apparel sales operations abroad presents a set of challenges that’s distinct from manufacturing abroad.

Understanding consumer tastes is more difficult, so smart apparel merchandising and design are key. Sizing might be different in other countries, so apparel quality control and apparel inventory control are paramount. Local laws might by byzantine, taxes steep and local business customs confusing – so a fashion logistics company with vast experience around the world can make all the difference in, well, the world.

Our apparel supply chain management services can make boldly exploring distant markets just a little bit less daunting.

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