For apparel companies, crossing borders for the first time can feel like head-scratching, fanny-packed tourists trying to navigate a Japanese subway. It’d be easier to try to climb the Tower of Babel.

According to Apparel Magazine, the struggling economy here in the United States has made it more attractive both for American retailers and American brands to expand operations abroad – and not just in manufacturing.

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A few months ago, we profiled fantastic shoe innovator Chooze Shoes – a company we’re proud to support with premium apparel logistics.

More specifically, we took at a look at the company’s unconventional approach to business that values societal and environmental good as much as profits – all of which, naturally, they invest into anti-poverty programs in Mexico and Bangladesh.

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One of the best parts of being involved in multiple areas of the apparel industry is the diverse range of companies we get to work with. We admire them. We learn from them. And we’re always proud whenever our apparel supply chain management and third party logistics services can help them thrive.

Take Macy’s, for example. As we’ve mentioned several times recently on the Apparel Logistics blog, many big box brick-and-mortar apparel retailers have adjusted to the digital age mostly by, well, kicking and screaming. The meteoric and inexorable rise of apparel e-commerce has not been easy for some of America’s most famous stores.

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