TALG's Involvement in the Future of the Logistics Industry

The Apparel Logistics Group's (TALG) team members serve on the board for the Center for Logistics Education and Research at the University of North Texas (UNT ). The university is a top leader in industry education, and this partnership serves to help advance those seeking logistics careers at a critical time.

Preparing Professionals for the Labor Shortage

The logistics industry is facing a major labor shortage in the years to come. A whopping 79 percent of third-party logistics (3PL) providers report that they're unprepared to face the pending shortage of workers. In addition to pushing new recruitment strategies, companies report that they are investigating tech-based solutions for their shortages. Advancements such as drone deliveries and automated trucks may help meet shortages in fresh new ways.

Many of these innovations may be spearheaded by graduates from UNT's logistics program. Ranked fifth globally, this program strives to prepare students for a successful future in the fast-growing and rapidly changing logistics industry.

Outstanding Networking Opportunities

The partnership between TALG and UNT offers powerful networking opportunities for everyone involved. It brings together educators and professionals in a forum where all are striving to advance the logistics industry. Joe Bongiovanni, Senior Vice President of Sales & Operations and Advisory Board Member for the Center for Logistics Education and Research at UNT sums up the benefits well.

"The Apparel Logistics Group's (TALG) involvement with the University of North Texas (UNT) has been rich with benefits to both parties," he said. "For our part, we've enjoyed the ability to network with academia and at the same time fellow practitioners of third party logistics and supply chain operators. On behalf of the university, we've provided insight into some of their studies and research for the industry. Overall, we're enjoyed our partnership with UNT and plan to continue to support their efforts as best we can in the future."

Drivers for Growth in an Expanding Industry

The logistics industry is on track to expand in many fresh ways, and TALG and UNT are both positioned to help facilitate these lucrative improvements. Today's 3PL providers are taking on a growing number of responsibilities. In the 2017 3PL Study , 71 percent of shippers reported that real-time analytics from their 3PL providers had improved their shipping management. Sixty-one percent were utilizing 3PL data and assessments to improve cost and service levels.

As the industry grows, 3PLs are providing more data-driven solutions to their partners. Eighty-six percent of shippers feel that their use of 3PL providers has improved customer service, and 73 percent feel that 3PLs offer innovative options for logistics management.

TALG is positioned at the forefront of the logistics industry, spearheading advancements and partnering with educational leaders to prepare others to do the same. TALG's extensive range of services is a prime demonstration of the growing scope of 3PL, including distribution, accounting, quality control, IT support, customer support, merchandising, and more. If you're interested in finding out how a 3PL provider can help you improve your supply chain management or distribution, request a consultation from TALG online now.

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