The growing prevalence of online stores is changing the way customers approach shopping experiences. Many are turning toward the internet for their retail needs, while others are finding new ways to combine in-store experiences with online offerings to get the best of both worlds. Understanding your place in the new retail landscape will help you cater to your customers, wherever they are.

The Shift Toward Online Shopping

The popularity of online shopping is on the rise . According to the National Retail Federation, while retail sales as a whole are expected to increase up to 4.2 percent in 2017, online retail will grow as much as 12 percent. Online shopping is the biggest driver in retail growth, giving businesses a compelling reason to offer their wares online. Buying online gives consumers access to more options and makes comparison shopping faster than ever. From big-box behemoths to small niche entrepreneurs, everyone is finding a place in the online landscape.

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The Apparel Logistics Group's (TALG) team members serve on the board for the Center for Logistics Education and Research at the University of North Texas (UNT ). The university is a top leader in industry education, and this partnership serves to help advance those seeking logistics careers at a critical time.

Preparing Professionals for the Labor Shortage

The logistics industry is facing a major labor shortage in the years to come. A whopping 79 percent of third-party logistics (3PL) providers report that they're unprepared to face the pending shortage of workers. In addition to pushing new recruitment strategies, companies report that they are investigating tech-based solutions for their shortages. Advancements such as drone deliveries and automated trucks may help meet shortages in fresh new ways.

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