Could i-3PL Make It to the Apparel Industry?

If you run a business that employs logistics, you’re always on the lookout for new services that can provide your company with a competitive advantage. i-3PL could provide such an edge, especially if you work in fashion. Here is what you need to know about how i-3PL can benefit the apparel industry.

What Is i-3PL?

Perhaps you’re familiar with the concept of cold storage. It’s when products are stored in cold temperature in order to save for future use. The idea is best known in food services, where many perishables require a specific climate to survive. In order to facilitate this, i-3PL operates temperature-controlled facilities. The progressive functionality across warehouses provides retailers with unprecedented options for material goods. Think of i-3PL as software that provides immediate insight into the storage inventory.

Why Does i-3PL Help?

i-3PL is an optimal solution for inventory management. The application's developers designed the program to provide real-time evaluations of approximately 145 Americold facilities across the country. Its quick synopsis view of inventory across all sites currently provides food retailers with the framework of a robust climate control system.

Is i-3PL Useful for Apparel Vendors?

That’s the question apparel vendors are asking, as this inventory management technology is just as resourceful for their needs. This platform provides real-time updates for inventory. Such a solution is scalable from the smallest retailers to the largest in scope. Since inventory is the most critical asset of any clothing business, the ability to identify what’s in stock at any given moment represents the optimal way to maximize potential sales.

Why Is i-3PL Better?

With i-3PL, you have the connectivity required to check your warehouse provider’s product movement. This gives i-3PL a massive advantage over other logistics options, since most software solutions are inelegant. Programmers usually throw together their front-end and back-end code on the fly to match the needs of a single station. The problem innate to these systems is that each company and warehouse has its own technology. In order to communicate across platforms, developers create stopgap code that works for single sites but not across platforms. In other words, it’s a single solution for a single site.

i-3PL requires no such clunky interfaces since its coders designed it specifically to solve this problem. It’s a multi-function solution for many warehouses filled with stock. Better yet, there's no latency in program design nor is there any issue with superfluous code. You don’t have to be a programmer to understand that an app works better when it’s more tightly designed. i-3PL’s efficient code empowers it to run optimally, which makes it faster. Since the in-house team of IT employees has the sole goal of maintaining the streamlined efficiency and robust functionality of i-3PL, it blows away all the other 3PL solutions in the apparel marketplace.

Finding competitive advantages is difficult in a saturated marketplace. As an apparel designer, you want to find a solution that differentiates you from potential competitors. i-3PL does that due to its powerful inventory management access. If you're interested in learning more, contact us for a free consultation.

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