5 Signs You Need a 3PL Partner

Moving your products is a vital part of your business, but doing it efficiently and cost-effectively often proves challenging. Perhaps you’re considering taking on a third-party logistics (3PL) partner. Of course, that decision requires you to consider numerous factors, but if you’re experiencing any of the following signs, you should probably choose a 3PL partner sooner rather than later.

You’re Struggling to Keep Up

If neither you nor anyone on your staff has extensive logistics experience, you may find that you struggle to keep up with the everyday tasks of moving your products. If you’re constantly behind, or if members of your team often have to work overtime to make sure you meet shipping deadlines, it’s a clear indicator that you need to make a change.

3PL companies with specialized knowledge in the apparel industry will work with you to discover your needs. Their expertise will prove especially valuable when you experience a high product demand.

Your Shipping and Receiving Processes Are Inefficient

Perhaps your team doesn’t struggle to keep up with product shipping and receiving demands, but you may still sense that the process could work even better. You may run into trouble when damaged or mislabeled items come to you from vendors, and you lose time and money on trying to track down where the items should go and how to process them.

A 3PL partner will help you deal with discrepancies and prevent huge backlogs of oddball items from piling up.

Missing Production Components Slow You Down

The latest packing and shipping technology can present your business with an untimely and unwanted expense. Without it, however, you may not be able to move your products as quickly as you need to. Because 3PL companies focus purely on logistics, they often have updated equipment and technology. Your team won’t have to learn how to use new items, which saves you training time and startup road bumps.

You Need Scalability

During busy times, you may find that you see an increase in logistics errors. If you hire new team members during times of high demand, and there is little time to train them, products may be stored in the wrong place, mislabeled, or improperly packed.

A 3PL company with apparel distribution skills gives you room for scalability and confidence in the outcome.

You Want More Time to Focus on Growing Your Business

What are your business goals? Do you want to expand your product line? Take in a certain amount of revenue? Create designs that put you at the forefront of the fashion industry? Whatever you want to accomplish, spending too much time worrying about supply chain management can hinder you from doing so.

A 3PL partner can help you conquer your logistics and return your focus to growing your business. But how can you select the right 3PL partner? Define your logistics needs and research different companies. Request a consultation from The Apparel Logistics Group, which specializes in helping clothing businesses meet their goals.

So, do you need a 3PL partner? If you struggle to keep up with storage and shipping demands, you need scalability, or you just want to free up some of your time, the answer to that question is probably yes.

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