3rd Party Logistic (3PL) Resources


The greatest resource at any third party logistics company should be the warehouse that everything is stored in, packed in, and shipped from. In order to ship to a large amount of clients, it must have a central location near to a port, airport, highway, or railway. It must also be on a large scale in order to cater to each client and remain organized.

It is also crucial that this warehouse of the accessibility necessary for everything to be shipped and received in a day. This means having the appropriate amount of dock doors to load and unload. Within the warehouse itself it must have the space available for everything, even when busier than usual.


You don’t want to choose a third party logistics company that doesn’t have the proper equipment within its warehouse, no matter how prime the location and size of it is. Here are just a few of the things you should check for before settling on a provider:

·         Conveyors

·         Tilt tray sortation

·         Pick-to-light technology

·         Garment on hanger system

·         Flat pack and pallet storage

Without the proper equipment, the job will be much harder, take much longer, and inevitably mistakes will be made.

Employee Responsibilities

It is important that the third party logistics company that you align with has the highest of standards for its packing and shipping, and therefore high standards for the people that work for them. Ensure that anyone working at your provider can handle these responsibilities:

·         Garment inspection

·         Price ticket change

·         Re-ticket

·         Poly-bag application

·         Bar code application

·         Security tags

·         Hanger removal and installation

·         Pick and pack services

·         Returns processing

·         Repairs

·         Packaging

How to choose a 3PL

Because 3PLs work with a plethora of clients, it’s important that you know where you stand with them. Be sure that they truly value you as a client before giving your business to them. You do have different options, so look around before settling on one. If it’s in a good location, be sure that it also has experience shipping the kinds of products you stock, and that they have handled clients of a similar size before.

Ensure that all communications will go smoothly by asking upfront exactly how the communications work and what information will be needed from you. In addition, you will need to know what information they need from you. If you can set up a timetable of shipping that will work for both you and the 3PL, you will soon be in business!

If you’re interested in finding a 3PL that’s right for you and your business, get with the experts and fill out a contact form or request a consultation to find out what would work best for you and your business. 

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