Fashion Logistics on the Runway

Apparel designers and manufacturers need to be constantly on the lookout to detect what shifts in fashion and fashion logistics are on the horizon. Some of these, as we discussed last time here on the Apparel Logistics blog, are highly disruptive technological innovations such as 3D printing.

More common and more subtle, however, are shifts in fashion trends and consumer tastes. Because ultimately, the most persistent and fickle challenge of fashion logistics has little to do with apparel supply chain management or foreign trade zones, but rather the whims and impulses of those considering buying what you've worked so hard to put in front of them. An unexpected shift in consumer tastes can disrupt even the most efficiently run retail supply chain.

So where should you be looking to detect what's next? Fashion shows and awards are an obvious place to start.

They happen all the time, and though some are more important than others, inspiration can be found in any of them. Just in the past month or two, we've had some impressive displays put on at Paris' Haute Couture Fashion Week and the Council of Fashion Designers of America's 2013 awards show.


Perhaps an overlooked source of inspiration is student fashion shows, which, in the words of Teen Vogue, are where "home to raw emerging talent" is showcased. As you probably well know, the first hints of major trends usually appear years and years before they ever go mainstream. For example, as we discussed a few weeks ago, the current popularity of a certain shade of pink stems from its use by an artist from the 1960s who is scheduled to be showcased at a buzzy new art museum in Abu Dhabi that has yet to even be built. Thus, perhaps as much as any established fashion designer, it's a good idea to keep an eye on student shows to see who just might be the next big thing.

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