The International Business Times dug up an interesting (and, well, all sorts of sad) story illuminating the persistent problem of supply chain theft. In California recently, thieves stole 1,600 pounds of dog food — worth an astounding $10,000 — from a truck en route to a pet rescue shelter.

According to the story, this type of (sometimes seemingly senseless) theft is more common than you might think:

The National Retail Federation's latest spring survey shows that more than nine out of 10 respondents say they have been a victim of organized retail crime in the previous 12 months, a 6 percent increase from the previous survey done in the spring of 2011. Sixty percent of respondents say they've noticed an increase in such criminal activity in the same period of time.

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If you spent your 4th of July doing, well, anything more fun than sitting around watching the news (we hope you did), you might not have heard about the extraordinary lengths Washingtonians went to ensure the best, most darkest environment for an epic fireworks show possible:

According to the Associated Press:

Millions across the mid-Atlantic region sweltered Saturday in the aftermath of violent storms that pummeled the eastern United States with high winds and downed trees, killing at least 13 people and leaving 3 million without power during a triple-digit heat wave.

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Ever wondered how Pantone makes their famous forecasts about what colors will dominate both catwalks and sidewalks in the seasons to come (this year's was "tangerine tango")?

According to Slate, it's a process of, well, exchanging lots of whimsy/snappy dialogue more likely found in some Aaron Sorkin/Project Runway mash up:

What do we say about blue?” asks David Shah, a British-born, Amsterdam-based designer who heads the meeting on behalf of Pantone, the quietly ubiquitous American company that maintains color standards for publishers, designers, and the fashion world. “Blue took so long to come back. It came back last year in a watery story, it’s here this summer in an indigo story—what are we doing about blue?”

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