How Your 3PL Can Increase Customer Retention for Your Apparel Brand

Loyal customers are your business's most important assets. According to Harvard Business Review, when customers feel emotionally connected to your brand they shop with you time and time again, making them 50 percent more valuable to you than casual shoppers. Fashion businesses inspire an emotional connection in more women than any other firm. Only electronics and shoe manufacturers inspire more passion in men. As an apparel brand, you're uniquely positioned to inspire loyalty in your customer base. Discover how a quality third-party logistics (3PL) provider can help you retain casual consumers and convert them into loyal brand advocates.

3PL Providers Can Provide a Personal Touch

personalized apparel   customized apparel

Personalization is the latest buzzword in the consumer world. Modern shoppers want to be more than just a number on your bottom line. They celebrate their individuality and they want you to recognize it too. 3PL providers can help you provide that personal touch that consumers love.

Some 3PL providers offer apparel embroidery services, so consumers can get your clothes monogrammed with their initials for a personal touch. Others can add a personalized message or thank you note to your packages which will make shoppers feel valued. When consumers feel valued by companies they shop with, they're more likely to make further purchases.

3PL Providers Can Streamline the Apparel Returns Process

It might surprise you to note that the number one reason some people haven't shopped online is because they worry about the returns process. Shoppers will avoid online stores that don't have a clear and easy returns policy. They want a process that's as convenient as the shopping process, that's affordable to them and doesn't come with strict deadlines. Impress shoppers with your apparel returns process and you're likely to retain their business.

Dealing with returns is another stressor for businesses, but 3PLs are made to deal with receiving goods as well as shipping them. The best 3PLs will already have a proven system in place that can help customers return their goods easily and receive their refunds sooner.

3PL Providers Can Improve Your Packages

If you haven't given a lot of thought to the presentation of your packages, now is the time to start. Receiving a well-presented package is a large part of the appeal of online shopping for consumers. “Unboxing” videos are dedicated to happy consumers opening their packages and revealing the contents inside. The best of these videos are shared among happy shopper's social networks. Send packages that will make your customers want to create their own unboxing videos and show their friends.

It's not unusual for apparel firms to feel uninspired by packaging. Thankfully a good 3PL is bound to have lots of ideas. Shipping is their business, so use their expertise to brainstorm better packaging solutions that will impress customers and help you retain their business without adversely impacting your bottom line.

As a niche 3PL provider that understands your industry, The Apparel Logistics Group is uniquely positioned to help you retain customers. Complete our online form to request a consultation and learn more about our comprehensive services.

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