Why Your Apparel Brand Needs Transparency

Transparency is a key concern for many online shoppers, according to the Dotcom Distribution eCommerce Packaging Study 2016 . This report found more than 45 percent of consumers have ceased shopping with an online retailer due to lack of transparency. Learn why transparency is so important and how your third-party logistics provider can help your business operate more transparently.

Professional Transparency Reflects Personal Transparency

With the rise of social media, people are living their lives with more transparency than ever before. They're connecting with friends and strangers and sharing candid photos and opinions, along with their deepest thoughts on all manner of things. Individuals don't just feel they need to share everything; they also feel they need to know everything. When so much is laid bare in their daily lives, customers struggle to accept companies operating under a shroud of mystery.

Shoppers are Shrewder

In the past, shoppers tended to accept what businesses told them and weren't compelled to dig any deeper. Modern consumers have evolved to become less trusting. This generation of shoppers is savvier than any that came before, according to Robert Craven writing for Entrepreneur. Consumers are skeptical until they have a reason to let down their guards, so businesses must work harder to prove they're worthy of trust and brand loyalty. Transparency should be a key part of any online business' strategy to win over consumers.

Transparency Improves Customer Experience

Transparent business practices have been proven to improve customer experience. Entrepreneur cited a Harvard Business School study that found diners were 17 percent more satisfied dining in a restaurant with an open kitchen. In addition, the service was 13 percent faster, perhaps because the chefs felt a greater sense of accountability to their patrons.

It stands to reason we'd see similar results in the online apparel world. Transparent online brands typically have deeper connections with their customers because consumers feel they can trust open, honest businesses. These deep connections encourage customers to share feedback with sellers, whether it's positive or negative. This feedback helps apparel companies improve their processes, thus creating a better experience for shoppers. Just as chefs working in an open kitchen feel more compelled to reduce delays for diners, online apparel retailers are likely to minimize delays and maximize satisfaction and repeat business when they know consumers are monitoring their progress.

The Role of Third-Party Logistics Providers

Apparel retailers can work closely with their third-party logistics providers to increase transparency during the fulfillment and delivery process . This is one of the key areas where consumers look for transparency, with 47 percent of shoppers refusing to buy another product from a retailer due to poor communication during this process. Be sure that your company is transparent about policies that detail shipping, transit times and how to process returns as these are some of the most important items that your customers will focus on.

Quality third-party logistics providers can distribute emails to your customers when products leave the warehouses. They can also provide tracking information that lets shoppers follow the progress of their goods as they travel to their homes. Contact The Apparel Logistics Group to learn more about how we can boost transparency within your apparel business.

While fast shipping and friendly customer service are important, e-tailers shouldn't underestimate the value of transparency. Transparency breeds trust, which improves customer satisfaction today and builds brand loyalty for the future.

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