Looking to the Future: Finding and Keeping Talent in the Logistics Field

Although many professions took a hit during the Great Recession, logistics isn't one of them. Even in adverse economic conditions, logistics professionals remain in high demand. In fact, the United States Department of Labor predicts that the logistics sector will add 1 million jobs between 2013 and 2016. The only problem is that jobs appear faster than candidates can fill them. Workers aging out of the labor force and a growing scarcity of young, qualified professionals led the International Journal of Logistics Management to conclude that "career shifts and talent shortages in supply chain management are evident at most occupational levels."

What's the solution to the logistics talent gap? Outsourcing your fashion logistics to a third party like The Apparel Logistics Group (TALG) ensures that you'll have a diverse array of the field's top talent working for you.

Attracting a Diverse Pool of Candidates

Part of the reason the logistics field struggles to appeal to Generation Y and younger demographics in general is the field's image. Young people don't tend to think of logistics as sexy. Rather, they see it as a monotonous and mundane. The way TALG has overcome this stereotype among many younger professionals is by promoting the field as innovative and forward-thinking, or as a field that solves some of the world's biggest problems. Millennials also tend to want to start at the top, which is difficult when few logistics positions exist there. TALG structures its company differently, giving logistics positions top priority.

TALG has also had success in targeting groups that are historically underrepresented in logistics, especially women. According to research by Europhia Consulting, women represent only about 21 percent of logistics workers around the world. Because TALG believes a diverse talent pool is a strong talent pool, the company has aggressively recruited female employees and placed them in top positions. In fact, the TALG team includes a female logistics project engineer and junior account manager.

Supporting and Retaining Logistics Talent

Of course, attracting top talent is only a start. Supporting and retaining those candidates is the other half of the equation. A key strategy in supporting employees is adequately and continuously training them so they have the tools they need to succeed in their positions. TALG trains employees extensively in company strategies and encourages them to engage in outside continuing education as well.

TALG understands that keeping top talent means paying well. The field in general is catching on to this principle. In fact, a 2014 Logistics Management study found that large companies are increasing their entry-level logistics pay by 10 percent. Generous pay coupled with incentive programs that reward productivity and innovation ensure that logistics employees feel appreciated, which considerably improves their loyalty. Employee loyalty reduces turnover, thereby minimizing disruptions to the business as well as the costs thereof.

If you'd like to know more about what TALG's diverse pool of logistics talent can do for your company, complete this short form. We'll be in touch in one to three business days to offer you a free consultation.

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