2015 Logistics Best Practices

 The industry of logistics has well developed practices that have been around since its inception, however, with changes in technology, best practices continue to progress over time.

In this coming year, we expect great positive changes throughout the logistics industry resulting in new best practices that will shape the logistics world as we know it. 

Here are a few of the projections for the best practices in the world of logistics for the coming year!

Advance Shipping Notifications and Vendor Compliance Programs

To ensure products arrive when they are expected, and in the correct condition, many logistics companies like the Apparel Logistics group will be implementing advanced shipping notifications and vendor compliance programs.

Advanced shipping notifications usually come in the form of an electronic exchange of information, and in the coming year, they will most likely be accompanied with a vendor compliance program which will explain how the product will arrive.

Organizational Alignment

In conjunction with ASN and Vendor compliance programs, all organizational aspects of 3PLs should be aligned.  This means that everything from a products creation to when it is sold on a floor should be optimized for maximum efficiency. 

Although organization is already a priority for 3PLs, this priority will be emphasized in the coming year!

Performance Management in Real Time

As technology continually improves, it is becoming easier to manage performance as it happens.  This means that the logistics process can be streamlined, as inefficiencies are discovered and immediately fixed. 

With the implementation of real time performance management, logistics companies will become even more reliable, and processes will become more consistent.

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