The effects of e-commerce: the apparel industry

 With the rise of the Internet, more and more industries are moving a lot of the market online. This change has brought about a chain reaction into a wide variety of different tactics that companies have begun to make in many different locations. The biggest change is most likely the shift from regular sales in store to more of a focus on E-commerce or online sales. 

The website

You may have noticed but with this shift towards e-commerce, there has been a large influx of websites. A company without a website in 2013 is a company that will most likely do poorly. Yes, if someone wants to buy some clothes, they are likely to enjoy the experience more at a clothing store. The ability to have the clothes in seconds and to try them on is great but with the power of a website, you are able to have the convenience factor. The convenience of being able to stay home during the winter season, get cozy in your bed, and shop.

 With the importance of websites becoming greater, competition has also begun to form more heavily. In the past, if a price seemed good to you, you were likely to buy the product. Now, if you like the product, you are likely to quickly look at another companies website to see if they have it for cheaper. This has been a large change to the apparel industry that has come about because of e-commerce.

The bottom line

Companies need to be aware of this massive shift towards e-commerce. It is not enough anymore to simply have a shop. Companies must be connected with websites, even different social media campaigns. If you are in the apparel industry, a strong recommendation would be to make the move toward online commerce. That coupled with a strong non-online market can be a strong force in the apparel industry these days.



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